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The Caravan for Racial Justice is on a mission to raise awareness, educate, and empower citizens to become civically involved and eliminate systemic racism.

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Colorado Springs Food Drive

Juneteenth 2021

Colorado Springs

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Protect Black Women Rally

Friday, Oct. 16

Washington, DC

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Caravan is a Black-owned, Women-led Non-Profit Organization willing to take the extra mile to ensure every community has equal and fair rights.

Our Mission

To raise awareness, educate, and empower citizens to become actively involved in the success of their community.

Our Vision

To eliminate social inequality and systemic racism and serve as a resource to protect the rights of the protected class. (Black and brown citizens)

Our Initiatives


Provide education to citizens on civil and human rights Rally, Protest and Tough conversations with elected officials


Ensure voting rights. Organizing voter registrations and educating voters on elected officials track record.


Examine and provide solutions to disparities within the public school system. Providing resources and building alliances with organizations nationally to serve our students.


Is your community threatened with the climax of police brutality? Are you being neglected, abused or mistreated unfairly by your state government officials? Join Caravan today.

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Your contributions to the Caravan Foundation will help those in need of racial justice around the U.S.
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